Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why We Love Cars

On this Valentines day it's customary to buy chocolate and roses and maybe a card for your special someone and wish them a happy lovely day. This is usually no problem until the one you love is also a car! (I can't relate in anyway and will deny any evidence of such). But why? Why do we love cars (or trucks) so darn much? I looked into this briefly and found an interesting article in Road & Track on this very subject. Oddly enough it wasn't written in February but in July! Go figure. Among the 50 reasons they chose here are some highlights. The roadster (notice they picture the Miata) , rivales (like the Mustang & Camaro), working on cars (especially classic ones that you can actually fix up without a modern computerized garage, Craigslist-(where your next project car is waiting for you to click it up a notch, riding shotgun with your bestest good friend, Characters, no not the annoying people on the road that drive 45 in 65mph left lane, TV characters like Smokey and the Bandit. (what a great car that was), the right shifter (custom ones especially), and finally, one that I'd like to personally submit- the Convertible!

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