Saturday, July 9, 2016

"Total Recall"

Welcome back Car Crazy-ites! I'd like to welcome our newest readers from mother Russia!  Yep, we not only cruise in the USA,  France, or Germany.  We roll in the former USSR! Welcome readers from all over the globe! I'll do my best to keep bringing you material you can use and enjoy. Lots to come during these summer months in the Eastern US including a road trip edition, a smart car smart edition, and coming up next an article on auto recalls.
It's been requested by a fellow reader/co-worker.  I'm pleased to answer that request in this edition of Car Crazy I'd like to name "Total Recall"-(no, not that Total Recall)
2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee currently on recall by FCA, Fiat Chrysler of America

Auto recalls have been in the news most recently the  2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee for it's electronic shifter problems.  "The affected vehicles, equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a monostable gear selector, may not adequately warn the driver when driver's door is opened and the vehicle is not in PARK, allowing them to exit the vehicle while the vehicle is still in gear" as described at  the web page dedicated to all vehicle recalls as noted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for short.  You can research your vehicle using the make & model or by the vehicle  identification number (VIN). It will list every recall reported for your car going back to the year the car was first made.  In my case I looked up my 2002 Toyota Sequoia and found 6 total recalls 4 of which only apply to my specific 4x4 model.
 You may have also known about the airbag recalls that are on going due to Takada air bags that can rupture in deployment dispersing metal shrapnel into the passenger's body. There are a plethora of cars on this list so be sure to check for yours. The sight also includes helpful links to manufacturers communication to read what your auto manufacturer has to say about particular safety issues.  In addition, one of my favorites for info gathering is the tab for complaints. This allows owners to detail their concerns about the operation or malfunction of the vehicle and want to call attention to. In my case there has been numerous complaints about the VSC system  (vehicle stability control).  I'm considering adding to that as well. See this RSS feed from NHTSA.
Consumer Reports is another good resource at It lists the same information as but it's a little cleaner and less busy. Plus, it's Consumer Reports;  you gotta read what they write.  I should also mention that your auto maker should reach out to you in the event of a recall but if you're like me you shop on the used car market and may not here from them at all. They are still liable for fixing what's wrong however. So, if you'd excuse me. I have to contact Toyota about lower ball joints that need replacing.
2002 Toyota Sequoia also on recall by Toyota
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