Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day from Car Crazy Auto Blog!

Happy Independence Day everyone! It was on this day 240 years ago our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence making it official that we were our own separate nation. I'm grateful for the freedoms we enjoy as a result of many sacrifices made on our behalf especially our military both drafted and voluntary!  One of those freedoms that comes to mind in the heat of summer is the road trip. The welcoming invitation of the wide open road and the desire to see the USA in your Chevrolet-(or your Toyota or Nissan or, well, you get the point).  I'm interested in knowing what you are planning this season. Where are you going? What are you interested in seeing this summer? Cross country? Down south?  Mid-western bound? Chime in on the comments section. Join the discussion share your independent spirit. I'm planning on heading to the mid-Atlantic state of Maryland for camping. 
I'd be out of sorts if I didn't ask what car are you driving on your road trip? In honor of July 4th I'm posting this link to the top ranked American-made cars here.  Hope you like what you see. As always share your thoughts with us! Enjoy the journey! 

The "Jeep brand assembled in Toledo, Ohio...holds the number 4 spot" in the top 10 American-made cars ranking.

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