Friday, July 1, 2016

Wild Ride on the street

Imagine seeing this parked on the street!
This will most likely be my next car; the 2016 Lamborghini Huracan.
List price is only $ 299,800 (US)

It's a rare sighting to spot one Lamborghini on the street let alone two red lambos parked next to each other! That very thing happened to me recently while fetching a cup of coffee right here in Midtown Manhattan. The 2016 Lamborghini Huracan
were idling alongside the coffee shop while I literally dropped everything, including my jaw! I was giddy as a school boy on Christmas eve. What are the chances that I'd go for a  walk and find these pieces of drivable art sitting there just for me? After my enthusiasm simmered down to match that of the V-12 engine humming like a sort throated beast. I realized the real  reason they were gracing our neighborhood's presents. They were a part of a mobile  ad company called Captacar. Thus the billboard on the roof and less noticeably pasted on the rear bumper. I didn't know what Captacar was at first. I even asked other on lookers who were like wise as captured in the Huracan's fury. No one knew what it was. After a Google search I was on the right track. (Pun fully intended). Maybe I could put up an ad for Car Crazy & drive around town like I'm the big man on campus. You know- like I have Lamborghini kind of money. Cause that's how I roll! Then I woke up by the sound of them driving away. Still so inspiring even in low gear!

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