Monday, May 9, 2016

In Celebration...Jeep, Mustang and An American Classic

This year the original Jeep patent turns 75.
This is the grandfather of the modern Jeep we know as the Jeep Wrangler. It was designed for the US Government for use in World War 2. Mashable had an interesting article you can read more about it and see some cool design sketches and factory photos. 

Speaking of the Wrangler (the only true Jeep), someone let the cat out of the bag with the leaked 2018 Wrangler. Car and Driver did a nice write up on speculation and possible style changes.  Some Jeep fans wonder if this camo is hiding the much anticipated Jeep pick up truck that FCA, Jeeps parent company has in it's pipeline.
(courtesy of Car & Driver)
  The Mustang turned 50 and to celebrate Ford unveiled the 50th anniversary Mustang GT teased  both online and at the New York International Auto show (NYIAS) back in 2015. Here's a nice article from Car and Driver-again (I know they have some cool stuff though) putting the pony car in historic perspective.
(photo courtesy of:
I'd like to dedicate this premier edition of Car Crazy to a dear friend and co-worker who shared his love for cars as much as I did-Dick Rinehart. He passed away suddenly despite our desperate attempts to revive him. He was a great man, an awesome co-worker and a kind human being. He and I would talk about cars in the wee hours of the overnight shift we worked together for 8 years. His  restored 1964 Mustang was one of the apples of his eye (besides his family of coarse). I found it fitting to mention him and his fascination with the classic pony car we still know and love today. You will be missed Dick! Thanks for sharing your ride through life with us.

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