Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Open Air Therapy

For my birthday one year a good buddy of mine spotted a red convertible that would suit me fine. It was a '97 Chrysler Sebring with a black rag top. She had well over 100k miles on the ticker and had the scars to prove it. It only needed a new thermostat, radiator, brakes, front tires and major detailing but who's counting? It was my access point into what I later learned to be "open air therapy". After a long nights work- I mean over nights; at the quitting time whistle I slid right down my dinos tail & into the cloth  charcoal grey driver's seat and pealed  the top back like a can of Pringles. There is no better feeling than the reviving cool wind of the open road on your skin. It almost reminds me of the days I'd take out my bike and ride into the thawed air of the first day of spring. Priceless!
My Sebring came to the end of it's road on the West Side Highway in Manhattan, NY. She literally just stopped working going up the ramp towards the George Washington bridge. I blocked traffic for awhile (much to other driver's delight). From then forward I refused to ever buy another Chrysler product again! More on that in a later post. What was your car that got away? Let me know. Share your adventures in car ownership. Write in the comments section below.

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