Saturday, May 14, 2016

Go Topless but just for a day...

        Before I start the next anticipated edition of Car Crazy, I'd like to acknowledge my newest readers in the nearby Countries of Germany and my brother's new homeland: Australia! Yep, Car Crazy seems to have taken off (see what I did there?) in the far reaching points of the globe- for some odd reason. Thanks for reading!
Any way, back to our regularly scheduled program. Let's get Crazy! Let's get loud! Let's get
"Sarge"  My '95 Wrangler 
(2.5L 4-cyl. 4x4 5-speed Manual)
Car Crazy! Today all Jeep owners know it as Go Topless Day 2016 It's the day when one and all Wrangler owners (Jeepers) go topless. I know what you're thinking. Seriously? But before you crash-topless as in take down your RAG top! It happens every May around this time. I remember first hearing about it from a Jeeper friend who said don't forget to take your top off on Go Topless day! I was thrilled. As if I needed an excuse to lose the thin layer of canvas and plastic like a candy wrapper. Here's a shot my '95 Wrangler Rio Grande Edition.       As I mentioned in the previous post Open Air Therapy  after the Sebring broke down on the West Side Highway I swore I'd never buy another Chrysler product again. After all, Jeep is a Chrysler product! Then came Sarge in all his glory. He was the perfect off-road, all terrain, all weather 100% fun package on wheels. He went on pavement, mud, through rain, hail and even an unmentioned nearby ball field full of snow in 4 wheel drive! (Full disclaimer I can neither confirm nor deny the driver's name.) Sarge and vehicles in his direct lineage were maid for harsh off-road conditions without a hard top for soldiers in WW 2 to hop in and out of in a hurry. It was designed as you can read in this Mashable article to be one bad ass 4x4. This legacy has continued to be celebrated in part by Go Topless Day. Sarge and I had some good times and some bad ones. Once he overheated in the dead of winter leaving me with no heat. Good thing it was only 17 degrees Fahrenheit that night! In a rag top no less! Yep, he and I had some words. I may have even wished I bought a Toyota instead. God (and Sarge) forgave me for that I'm pretty sure. But not to poison the punch so to speak. We had some really good times too. Times when we drove with the top down and drank in the fresh air like a dog with his head out the window. It's very much the same feeling.

 If it was above 40 degrees we'd go topless for the day!

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