Friday, May 20, 2016

Cars of Nostalgiac TV Shows (and my dreams)

These were cars of yesterday. Cars that bring back memories of childhood appointment TV viewing. You had to watch the show when it aired-(and we often did) unless you had a new recording device called a VCR.
The Jetsons.
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(I'm not as old as I sound but vcr's were almost 2000 years ago.) I wish my "smart watch" could pull my car around front with just my command. In fact, I sometimes day dream about my Jetson type flying car. wrote an intriguing and just plain fun article about this very subject
Can you name all 8 Cars & their respective shows?
At least we can have re-runs of these cooler than cool aid shows where even if there's a poor story line at least you get a nice ride for 28 minutes and 30 seconds! Have a look at this poster and see if you can name all 8 cars along with what show they aired on (or what movie it was in ) There seems to be a few left out. Which cars would you add to the list? Think about it for a minute while you're scrolling through your social media sights. Pause and rewind down memory lane. This is the stuff that really fuels me. Once you're done click here for a fun video to watch. It may help jog your memory; Enoy!


  1. Nice! Everybody has a dream vehicle... Mine is the 007 convertible Aston-Martin...

  2. Put the Wonder woman jet. Or the Flintstones rock car..

  3. Put the Wonder woman jet. Or the Flintstones rock car..

  4. That's a great choice Ross! My dream car of fame would be KITT from Knight Rider!

  5. Nathan you bring up a good choice as well. The Flinstones car is a great idea to add to the list.