Friday, June 3, 2016

The Beast That Lies Beneath

2000 BMW E-39 M5

(Special thanks to Tom for submitting pics of his car!)
The 2000 BMW E-39 aka the 5 Series is a beautiful example of German craftsmanship and luxury. The 5 series is a long bodied sedan with a plethora of special features and options
that entertains even the pickiest driver. Gear heads can get specs and such at this sight.  
It comes standard with leather seats as comfortable as your mom's living room la-Z-boy chair with an option for two-tone Nappa leather or "fantastic" ostrich print. (True story)
It's on board computer system (which was state of the art back then) will even warn you when a tire is loosing pressure. This vehicle  is quite a head turning prestige mobile. But don't let that fool you. This car is not for the
faint of heart. Underneath all the layers of
luxury and comfort lies a sleeping lion

ready to roar. Take a listen for yourself. As seen in this photo

 this rocket ship is equiped with dual dual exhaust pipes that
enable the muscular V-8 4.9 liter to exhale it's
naturally aspired air intake. A Monmouth
of a machine boasting 400 horsepower! Check out this video of the 5 series punching through its 6 speed manual transmission like  The Karate Kid during training.  The sound of it is just inspiring. But then again, we are talking about Beamer. They really know how to make your blood pressure
red line. BMW does make the ultimate driving
after all!

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