Monday, October 17, 2016

Fantastic Ford Pick Up

This fantastic Ford pick up was found lying to the side of the road in Gardiner, NY stream side like many retired vehicles in the country are.  At this point I have an eye for this sort of thing. It jumped out at me like Tow Mater from the animated movie Cars. I knew I had to blog about it. So here I am writing about this hunk of rusty metal. It seems I have an affinity for retro pick ups.  There's something about an old pick that is so cool and interesting. I especially like researching the trucks  like a detective looks for clues at a crime scene. I study the truck (or car if that's the case) for clues that could lead me to the correct model &  year. Usually, as in this case the name plate was still visible in the front grill. The tricky part was what specific model year was it? I start out by taking snap shots of the truck and then google image search for a better idea. The Studebaker truck took much longer since there were so little matches available. But that's the fun part! The key to narrowing  it down  to a 1965 F 100 was the grill. Most importantly was the addition in 1965 of what they called "twin I beam" front suspension as mentioned in the website  (If you want a great resource for Ford trucks both old and new they have a great history of not only pick ups but also the Bronco.) You can see the remnants of this name badge they put on the front driver's side fender. 
The grill in this model  year had 9 slots of rectangles across in a 2 row fashion as seen here. Its headlights also lead me to eliminate the 1950's & 1970's versions as they had different light patterns. Also the chrome "eye lids" that are visible here that went around the lights were specific to the 1965 F 100. Additionally, the body style pictured below was a good hint in finding its age. This body style called "Flareside"  and was a shorter bed with the wheel wells sort of popping out from the side of the bed.  
. Unfortunately I couldn't get under the hood and tell if it was the straight 6 150 hp or the V8 208 hp. It was offered as a 4x2 and 4x4 (again not sure of this one's drive train). Also to note is the bed was separate from cab which indicates it's at least a '64 since that year Ford ditched the short lived uni-body design.
Write in your comments and opinions below. I love to hear your feed back. Especially if you or someone owned one of these! 
The green & blue mix matched paint help give this truck extra character.

The rear view shows the charm of the Flarside Style pick up. Notice the chains that hold the tailgate up.
Despite a really bad glare you can get a feel for the interior dash lay out.
This was the location he was put to bed in. The Catskills are beautiful in autumn. 

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