Thursday, October 20, 2016

UPDATE: Frame of Reference" An independent new film with a great car

In an update on the lovely car from "Frame of Reference". Gear heads have waited long enough, my apologies!  I reached out to the owner Joe. Here's what he had to say:

"This is a 1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe ''Model 40''.  It has a Chevrolet Small Block with a 383 c.i. rated at 310 h.p. that has all the Hot Rod goodies including an aluminum intake, headers and an electronic ignition. The body is an exact replica made of fiberglass and the chassis is a replica 34 that's been strengthened to handle the additional power. The car is finished in House of Colors Black Cherry with Copper Ghost Flame. The wheels are Halibrand type. This being a work in progress  the interior is a little incomplete. The money budgeted for it was needed to build the current engine when I broke the original 350 coming home from a car show in August of '15
So there you have it. I was surprised to learn it was an exact replica since it appears to be the original body redone. What are your thoughts? Is it typical for such an old car to be a Fiberglass body? Chime in. I need your input. 

Normally I  write about cars I've passed by or found on the road lonely and forgotten. This time I'm embarking on a new journey and writing about cool cars in film. One in particular is a new independent film directed by my friend/colleague Ian J. Keeney. His latest flick, entitled "Frame of Reference" as stated in  the synopsis "... focuses on Alex and her best friend Lauren as they recount Alex's latest failed relationship.  But are they even talking about the same thing?  Alex tends to wear a romanticized 1940's filter on her memories and Lauren, well, Lauren doesn't remember it quite so nicely.  Who's right and who's wrong?  It all depends on your frame of reference."  I was lucky enough to get some fantastic production photos courtesy of Stacy Ignacio who is the executive producer/photographer of the movie. When I saw these photos I knew I had to share them! Isn't this hot rod amazing? I also reached out to the owner of this antique and am anxiously waiting to get some much wanted info on this thrill ride.(plus more cool photos) In the meantime enjoy these shots and go see the movie
Photos Courtesy of:  Stacy Ignacio

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