Thursday, November 24, 2016

ICON Derelict - Jay Leno's Garage

Here's a great show I came across during my search for all things "auto-some" On Jay Leno's Garage ( which is a fantastic car series available on both YouTube & CNBC). It was an episode dedicated to what is referred to a Derelict- an old classic car in need of much fixing and TLC especially cosmetically that is left as is on the outside but is completely redone mechanically. The company is called Icon based in Los Angeles, California. You provide the project car or truck and they will upgrade your dream vehicle under the hood with all the latest in modifications while keeping true to the original styling and exterior charm of rust and scrapes, dents and dings. You know, the character of a used road tested vehicle that is far from showroom pristine but will still catch your eye.  Of coarse, this sort of remodeling of your dream car is not for the "faint of wallet". Some of these vehicles that are completed are upwards of $250,000! Ouch! It'll take a few years to save that up. But anyway, watch Jay's episode on the Derelict. It won't disappoint even if it is out of reach for some of us. At least you can watch it in HD and close your eyes while you hear the roar of the past driving by you.  Enjoy, and as always write in with your comments, suggestions, questions and well, you get the idea.

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