Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Vintage Chevy Ads...(While you wait for that picture show to begin)

Speaking of vintage cars as shown on Jay Leno's Garage.  I was sent a link to watch these vintage Chevy ads shown during the picture shows (or movies as we call them today) from a faithful reader. (Thanks Steven! Keep the suggestions coming!) What's so interesting about these ads was how straight forward it was. Just a simple voice over people driving the Bel-Air to and fro. The narrator talks about new tubeless tires and the new "glide ride" suspension or the new "show car" styling. (I'm not sure my car has that).  It's a far cry from current ads that Chevy puts out taking to "real people" about how Chevy  has won numerous safety awards and boasts on board wi-fi. But really, how far has Chevy or any other auto maker come? Of coarse the argument can be made that today's safety features far out weight the addition of belts-I mean lap belts for example! Or that today's "smart" cars have built in sensors to alert you when you swerve and even stop the car before impacting a car in front of you. That's all fine and good. But why do you need a $1000+  of body work if you tap the car in front of you while parking?
 I'm not a modern car hater by any means however, sometimes in the modernization of things we lose the heart and sole for a pacemaker without inspiration but on board wi-fi instead. Besides, when else can you drive the "motor-ramic Chevrolet" while motoring down the lane?

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