Thursday, December 1, 2016

Top Gear Or The Grand Tour?

Some of you are aware that our beloved British motoring show Top Gear lost its main host Jeremy Clarkson when he was fired from the BBC show.  Amazon has since picked up the idea and has made it a British motoring show they call The Grand Tour. It premiered 2 weeks ago and will release new episodes weekly on Fridays. I've seen the new show entitled "The Holy Trinity". Before I give you my opinion, I'd like to suggest that the internet is blazing with mixed reviews on new show. I was eager to watch it and glad I did. (You can see the latest edition coming out Friday 12/2/16) I felt the open of the show was creative and drew me into the "new" yet familiar scene of a remote location in a tent where the original 3 motoring men would chum it up. You got the perfect mix of auto news and car test drives while they'd bust on each other in the process. But while they had some of the original magic that keeps you coming back for more like a NASCAR fan at the speedway the total running time (trt) seemed to wear on me. I was still interested in watching the motoring moguls but wanted them to get to the point a little faster. Apparently I'm not alone. Many around the car world felt this way. However, episode 3 is forthcoming and well, let's just say the British papers have pleasant things to say. I stopped reading in further detail to have some element of surprise. The Telegraph's headline reads "The Grand Tour, episode 3 review: the series - literally - gets back on track" I won't say anymore than that but was happy to see that the show circles back to its roots-fast cars and funny British humor. Daily has several still pictures of the episode 3 and almost gives away the whole show. In any case, watch and enjoy. Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feed back on The Grand Tour. Love it or hate it? 

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