Saturday, July 30, 2016

Miata on my Mind

It's summer time. That means it's driving season. Time to hit the road with bags in trunk and hope for greener grass and wider open spaces. It's this very sentiment that inspired my lastest post "Miata on my Mind." The Mazda Miata that is. It's on my mind for its well known reputation of being an inexpensive, reliable roadster that's just plain fun to drive. It was purposely designed as a convertible only (as apposed to modified.)  In nearly all the reviews I've read (mostly on the early generation ones from 1990--1999) have been" two headlights up".
 Four out of five stars boasting about how it hugs curves like a child hugs his mother. Its light weight stubby body is agile  allowing the  1.8 litre I-4 engine to zip around country roads like a grown up go cart! The manual gear box (with automatic optional) is rated one of the best available in its class. When you punch it in gear and step on the gas the output is rewarding as she smiles and takes off like a fighter jet. The Miata's styling is friendly yet still sporty while the handling and performance are responsive. This is one fun piece of metal to drift down the road! She understands her mission and has no bones about showing it off. This car is born to run! Its reliability is second to none proven by the fact that most first gen Miatas are still on the road today! An inspiring car for the economic minded roadster enthusiast.
I know, the Miata is no MG or BMW Z4 (even though the 2016 looks a lot like the Beamer roadster) It's no where near as cool and prestigious as the German's or the Brit's offerings. But that's just the point! Mazda makes no secret that the Miata was inspired by and designed from attributes of the European persuasion. True owning a Mazda instead of an MG will get less eye brows raised- until they see the Miata on the road. She wants to make black top and painted lines into an amusement ride. Beyond its pleasing drivability, it's also extremely reliable unlike many of it's European rivals namely VW. It needs just basic maintenance and nothing else. It is very low key. Plus, parts are more available than Pepsi on the fourth of July. And almost as cheap.
courtesy: google images
All this take makes me want one. I've been searching listings to feel out prices (after I fund raise of coarse, i.e.- save up for it by selling my old junk in the garage to make room for it).  The reason so many Miata's are still on the road today is because they've become a working man's sports car. A winning combination of price, performance and a pure adrenaline pumping machine. So here's to fulfilling the Dr.'s order for more "open air therapy"!

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